Close Encounter of Engineer Candidates with Digital Advertising Via UniChallenge Tech

Vestel UniChallenge Tech; Cooperated by IAB TR and Boğaziçi University

UniChallenge – Digital Student Affairs Boot Camp which is organized by IAB TR with the supports of Bogazici University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences for 5 years – was held last week with the “Tech” version for the first time.

The main aim of the program is to introduce the world of technology-oriented Digital Marketing Communication to engineer candidates and to enable young people to evaluate their career plans from a different perspective. The program was between 9-13 September at Boğaziçi University. With the main sponsorship by Vestel the 1-week training camp was completed with the participation of 50 university students. Regarding on Vestel’s brief presentations were made and selected Top 3 teams won 1-month internship opportunity from member companies of IAB Turkey. In the first year of UniChallenge Tech got 108 applications from 48 cities and 56 universities, 50 selected participants came from 19 cities, 31 universities and 17 different departments. In addition to engineering departments, applications from Management Information Systems were also accepted.

After the presentations, the top 3 teams among the 10 groups were as follows:

First Team:

Çise Ulus – Bartın Univeristy

Fatih Arslantürk – Bilgi University

Melis Nur Şevli – Bahçeşehir University

Şerif Ali Enes Yolcu – İstanbul Technical University

Yağmur Tuğçe Kaya – Kırklareli University

Second Team:

Başak Büyükköşker – Gaziantep University

İlke Yurtseven – Bahçeşehir University

Mustafa Sönmez – İstanbul Technical University

Seray Öztürk – Uludağ University

Third Team:

Ahmet Kutlu – Middle East Technical University

Doğan Yavuz – Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology University

Eda Şeyma Güler – Gaziantep University

Esra Atak – Eskişehir Teknik University

Tunahan Kocamış – Sakarya University

Some of the participants shared their views about the program:

Büşra Sarı / Haliç University: “UniChallenge Tech told us about engineering in the Marketing World. Instilled the idea that we would be executive engineers who have free soul, feeding with digitality and innovation, creative and defines new World trends. The trainings were held with top executives of leading companies of the sector, particularly Vestel. It was nice to see that we were passing through the paths and supporting our dreams, and they were always a message away. We had really good fun between trainings as UniChallengers and gained networks and friendships which will last for a life time. Thanks to everyone who contributed with this program.’’

Gökalp Sabri Peker / Afyon Kocatepe University: “UniChallenge Tech is a masterpiece that is able to bring together really qualified people both trainers and participants and doesn’t forget entertainment alongside the training. UniChallenge was the first training that I said I wish it would take longer. I would like to see the continuation of their success by being personally a part of it.’’

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