The Platform of Trustworthy Ad On Digital to Fight Fraud

IAB Turkey, Turkish Advertising Agencies Association and Advertisers Association have established GUR, The Platform of Trustworthy Ad on Digital in order to protect brands and digital ad investment. The collaboration is expected to bring benefit to advertisers, publishers and agencies as a whole.

The Chairmen of these three associations met in a press conference on November 23, 2017 to sign the protocol of the Platform founded to fight the global ad fraud problem.

Ahmet Pura, Advertisers Association Chairman said “The Platform of Trustworthy Ad on Digital aims to provide transparency on supply chain and eliminate lack of knowledge. Transparency and trust in digital is in the global agenda. There are only few similar entities over the world and it’s important for Turkey to lead this field. The measurement, commerce and relationships are based on transparency. All parties should act in coherence to provide transparency and trust. GUR, which we shall announce the foundation soon, is one of the best examples of harmony between the trade bodies of ad industry.”  

Dr. Mahmut Kursun, Chairman of IAB Turkey said “Ad fraud committed to get a share from ad revenues is a global crime. There are several entities to fight against fraud. It’s necessary to collaborate with international bodies and in the meanwhile our industry should be organized in itself. That’s why as being the leading trade bodies of ad industry, IAB Turkey, Advertising Agencies Association and Advertisers Association, we decided to found GUR, The Platform of Trustworthy Ad on Digital. Our co-operation will support the sustainable growth of digital industry.”

Nil Bagcioglu, Chairman of Advertising Agencies Association said “We’re in a period where digital is improving very fast and covers all the media. As the leading associations, our decision to come together and to launch a self-regulation mechanism is an important step. GUR is a Platform from which the whole ad industry would benefit. We believe this Platform currently focusing on Digital will cover all the media in the future.”