Youngsters met with Digital with UniChallenge!

Akbank UniChallenge+ Digital Student Affairs Boot Camp which is organized by IAB TR and Boğaziçi University completed.

The fifth version of UniChallenge+ which is organized by IAB TR has completed, with the support of Boğaziçi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and under the sponsorship of Akbank. Participants prepared their presentations on Akbank’s brief and the most successful 3 teams have been awarded with 1 month internship in IAB Turkey member companies.

This year UniChallenge+ applications reached a record with 422 applications. 50 participants spread to 20 cities and 33 universities.

50 university students from 3rd and 4th grades and fresh graduates participated in UniChallenge+.  In two weeks; participants tried to discover career possibilities in Digital industry, met with industry professionals, learned Digital from scratch. They also played games for team building, visited agency offices and also experienced being an entrepreneur with 20 Turkish liras. In short, UniChallengers had fruitful and enjoyable time in UniChallenge.

After the final presentations, here is the list of 3 winning team among 10:

Winner Team:

Beyzanur Cebeci - Boğaziçi University
Ceyhun Cömert - Karadeniz Technical University
Ezgi Şimşek - Marmara University
Kemal Özen - Kastamonu University
Sude Arda - Uludağ University

Second Team:

Cemre Kuzuloğlu - İstanbul Bilgi University
Enes Emen - Mehmet Akif Ersoy University
Esra Erdem - Giresun University
Sesil Ersoy – İstanbul Technical University
Sümeyya Çamcı - Karabük University

Third Team:

Beste Karaçay – Middle East Technical University
Eda Çağlar - Başkent University
Kemal Boduroğlu - Ege University
Sinem Gamze Özköteş - Akdeniz University
Yunus Tezcan - İstanbul Aydın University

Some of the participants have expressed their opinions about the program:

Abdulsamet Gılavuz / Erciyes University: “Before this camp, I had some feedbacks from the early UniChallengers, they were all saying that UniChallenge is fantastic. I didn’t believe them. I was thinking that they were exaggerating. But after participating I can admit that they are totally right. Words cannot explain UniChallange, you have to feel it!”

Efecan Akıllıoğlu / Selçuk University “Imagine an education program that you are in an intensive training but you can also have fun. In UniChallenge; I experienced that this is possible. Plus, you can have friendly conversations with the admired persons of Digital advertising industry:)”

Ezgi İrem Özyurt / Yıldız Technical University: “We are living in an era where you can access information from everywhere but our minds cannot be deprived of experience and process. UniChallenge is an education program that teaches, and gives chance to experience what is taught, and shows the importance of collective mind and team spirit.”

Kadriye Dönmez / Akdeniz University: “UniChallenge showed me once again that how ‘traditional’ was my 4 years of university education. ‘It is the best way of Digital:)”

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